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Hey, all you passers-by! Crit me, tell me about my driving, launch questions, blah-dee-blah! I want to know if you think I'm doing well with Sayaka, here~. Is my canon point too hard to play against? Do I overdo anything? Do I under represent any facets of her personality?

Type it all out in the reply box~!
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The Super CR Super Show, or: "god sayaka knows a lot of people"

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It was the last train home, and she couldn't take any more for tonight.

There was this.. emptiness in her, her arms especially, a lack where there should have been muscle ache from hefting swords or at least just something that felt living. After dealing with that transfer student before, she was ready to just.. get home, go to sleep, most of all quit having to be conscious. She shuffled into the car like someone half-dead on their feet.

It wasn't empty. Two young men sat by one another, casual like - friends, definitely. She wondered what Madoka was doing, right now. Asleep? They were the only ones, though, and Sayaka decided she could bear with them if it meant she didn't have to keep moving and feeling like it was a robot doing the work for her. She sat down, and tilted her head back so that she could feel the cold of the window against her scalp.

Then they started talking, and Sayaka slowly pressed herself into the seat's corner - like maybe she'd fall through it and out of the train, so that she didn't have to listen any more.

"No way, man, you can't let the dumb slut make any excuses. Gotta get her to fork over all the money she makes, no shit."

It wasn't working.

"'Cuz women are complete morons. They get money in their hands and they blow it all on stupid crap."
"Yeah, seriously, man. You can't just treat women like rational human beings."

Why would anyone act like this? Why would a person - a real life person, someone who wasn't just some stupid stereotype written up to be a moral lesson or a strawman - say that kind of thing?

"You gotta treat them like they're dogs or something. But you know, my stupid ho would probably be happy with that! All I gotta say is, "I'm gonna bust up your face!" and she shuts right up!"

They didn't sound like real people. They didn't sound like the sort of people she thought about, when she drew up her sword from her soul and fought monsters. It was like they were just wearing human guises, really. She'd never heard a Witch talk before, though.

"You give 'em an inch and they're all over you, whining to get married and shit. You just can't let up on them. I'm like, "You think a shit-for-brains hostess like you will still be around in 10 years?" That ho body ain't gonna last forever, y'know!"
"God, they're so annoying when it comes time to dump them. You are really good at dumping hos though, Sho! I envy you. Dude, I gotta learn from you."

She'd heard enough. Silently, she stood up on surprisingly steady legs, and spoke, voice low and serious. "Hey, tell me more about her."

"Um, what?" Sho - that was the one - had a pierced ear and long, whispy hair. He was trying for that pretty bad boy look, she guessed.

"The woman you were talking about just now. Tell me more about her." Sayaka tossed her head to the side, to eye the rows of swinging handles lining the ceiling of the train car. She didn't want to see too much of his eyes. His friend answered for him:

"Are you a middle schooler, kid? You shouldn't be out this late."

She ignored it, and went on. She wasn't even thinking about her words; they were bubbling out of her mouth all at once, in that same grave voice, her pitch slowly rising.

"That woman... she probably loves you and tries hard to make you happy. I bet you know that too, don't you? And yet you call her a dog? Have you never told her, "thank you?" Are you really going to dump her once she stops being useful?"

"What the... do you know this kid?" "No..." They were ignoring what she was saying again. Of course. She felt a jolt going down her spine, and the clattering from the handles made her realize it had jumped into the whole train. The train was stopping? Something was stopping. Something was about to stop.

Maybe it would be her. Maybe it would be them. Maybe the whole world could just stop, right, here: halt everything because no, she needed a break. Her fingers - her whole body, it certainly felt empty and cold enough for her heart to have stopped. She gulped air, but it felt even colder. "Hey," Sayaka gasped out. "Is this world even worth protecting? What have I been fighting for all this time? Tell me. You, right now. Tell me. Or else, I'll..."

She'd what?

The answer started to sink into her skin, shouted out from outside of her head over the rattling and the muffled noises of shock. It glittered darkly up her arms, her neck, into her eyes and was made clear, with the tolling of a chime:

She knew what had to happen next.
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Sayaka Miki

[Sayaka makes a habit of drawing a little doodle of herself in sharpie (or at least, that stick figure looks like it's supposed to be Sayaka, with the little scribbles roughly approximating her hairpins) on the door of her mailbox whenever she checks it. It's sort of like the mail recipient's version of the little flag on the box!]
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It's so

Someone keeps trying to ask for he l p but it's every syllable at the same time from too many different places to make any semblance of sense. It's an utter cacophony. She hates the noise, even as it makes her want to reach out and try something, anything to help -  to shut them up.

It would be nice to be deaf, but they aren't talking into her ears.

Is there a way to make yourself deaf in the head?

Eventually, she found out.

(location: floor 20, early evening on the 17th)

"One, two, three, four. I think there's one less for each I took."

Sayaka sits astride the edge of the precarious, winding walkway that replaces the staircase here.  In the lap of her black dress are as many candies as she just counted aloud. There's a bubbling sense of self-satisfaction settling into her, and it's not from taking in the fresh air.

Soon she'll find some peace again. Taking a couple candies wasn't really going to do anything permanent. It's easy to find a candy, lose a candy. It's just a tiny little loss for tiny little gain for her. No, no, no! The real path to silence is going to be a little more... forceful. A lot more exciting. Heh, it'll probably even be noisy!

(location: behind you, date unknown)

It's a pretty simple plan, to start out with:

"Uh, hi there! There'snotenoughtimetoexplain, so - Don't think, just run! C'mon, this way!"

Approaching someone like that is pretty likely to be taken at face value, as dangerous as things are around the tower. Sayaka's plan is to play misdirection: surprise someone into thinking there's something after the two of them, and lead them into the trap.

(tags may end up coming from both [personal profile] beknightedheroine  and [personal profile] morituramfides )

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  Welcome to being Sayaka Miki! You seem to have met the requisite SUFFERING requirement to be a Puella Magi already, so it looks like you're all clear to go.

As a Sayaka, you will be treated to the following:
A magical connection with a pretty gem, that slowly gets a little darker every day!
A strange feeling of ethereal 'power,' tied to that gem - if you pull on it, you can access magic, and do amazing things! Pretty much anything that you want! But if you use it, that gem gets darker... if it goes all the way black, something strange might happen. It seems like the blacker it gets, the more tired you are...
A special other form for when you use magic! How cool!
Auto-healing! Stubbed your toe? Good as new! Spear to the stomach? Also healed!
Speaking of spears to the stomach, nothing really seems to hurt as much as it should now...
Food seems a little duller, too.
A trunk full of all this stuff!
Poorly hidden notes! (link to these is a WIP - since is the smaller first part, and the ridiculously large indepth notes are forthcoming! The notes preceding by "-" are in a different handwriting from Sayaka's, and as Kidou's memories blend into hers, he might recall that it was Jin who helped write them. The links are all actual urls written down from the network.)

Eventually, as things become more muddled, you will also get.... MEMORIES and PERSONALITY alterations!

You'll find you have a strange draw to classical - and, specifically, violin music...
You feel like something special was coming up soon... As the bleed-over gets worse, you'll realize it's your Sayaka's birthday on the 20th!
There is this boy, named Kyousuke... there's a deep need to protect him, but things don't feel as clear cut as that. Some kind of feeling of heartache, whenever the thought of him comes up... and a confusion over what to even say to him, after something Big went awry.
You feel like there are Injustices in the world that need to be righted - but the aspects of these injustices are blurred and swayed heavily by emotion. Things aren't in grays in your mind now - it's either black or white, something is always either good at heart or bad to the core. And you tend to assume there is Badness in your own motivations, more often than not - when you can feel like you're not doing something for your own gain at all, then you don't feel guilty.

Where before you may have disliked Jason, now that feeling has upgraded to Loathing. Pure, unadulterated loathing. In your chess-match view of the world, he is the King that you, the white Knight, desperately want to put into check. Permanently.

Jin is a really cool guy and you would literally punch a star for him. Minato is also cool, but you would maybe just punch a moon on his behalf. There's a big difference okay. Ven and Roxas are your awesome vandal friends, and there is a huge visceral dislike for Lina freakin' Inverse. Your other two roommates are fine, tho.

You will also potentially get vivid flashbacks of a bunch of fights from canon because youtube is easy to link those are all quite vivid memories for Sayaka herself!  I would recommend being set off by stimuli similar to the situation, like. "Oh look a rose- GETRUD FIGHT," or "Oh look a cake - CHARLOTTE I REMEMBER YOU"

In chronological order, here they are - whether or not to all be recalled is  at the player's leisure: 
Mami versus Getrud, to which Sayaka was just a spectator normie. Overarching feeling is "WOW AWESOME~!"
Mami versus Charlotte! Spectating again. Throughout this memory there is a growing dread - until Bad Things come to... a head.
There is no handy-dandy video of the HN Elly fight to link, so suffice to say she fought a TV once to save her bff Madoka from certain death.
And then Sayaka fought this chick and got her ass kicked, but there's a surprising lack of retrospective animosity there.
Sayaka versus Elsa Maria - Sayaka's attitude towards this memory is complex. She regrets sinking into a state like that back home, but can sharply understand why she felt like that and agrees with what her past self was saying.

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Jason is a loser.



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In no particularly chronological order. If you've had a thread with Sayaka that's not on here, please comment to this entry so that I can add it!

Because I love backtagging a ton, if there's any threads on here that you would like to continue or finish, no matter the age, I would also like to ask you to comment to this post about it!

First Staff - an introduction.
128th Note - Unwitting encounter with a Goddess.
128th Note - Trolls are weird.
128th Note - A mysterious figure...?
128th Note - There were no words for Lina, even then.
128th Note - Trolls continue to be weird.
128th Note - A bad day.
Second Staff - an interlude.
128th Note - under threat of thunder.
128th Note - Trolls are getting a little less weird.
128th Note - Trolls are pretty okay.
128th Note - They won't notice the cuts in the furniture, right?
128th Note - Paintings.
128th Note - What are day-druhs, even.
128th Note - Batty over bats.
128th Note - Is that how you wield a sword...?
128th Note - The best librarian.
First Trio - Dire straits.
Third Staff - Crescendo.
128th Note - Beginnings of a song.
128th Note - It's an emergency tent.
128th Note - Mazed and confused.
128th Note -  10/10 would troll again.
First Chorus - A familiar face.
128th Note - A fellow fan.
Fourth Staff - Overture.
First Orchestra - fuckin' stars.
32nd Note - Until you recover...
Second Chorus - A delusion or not?
ɯnɹɐƃɐɯ ɯnısodɯʎs
- ɟɟɐʇs ɥʇɟıɟ
128th Note - A brief heroic moment.
64th Note - Librarians, librarians everywhere.
Second Trio - Sadstuck.
Third Trio - Roomie shenanigans.
Fourth Trio - in which i failed at the trio part
Fifth Trio - uncertain outcome whoops
Sixth Staff - Dissonance.
First Sonata, first movement (Allegro) - testing pitch, setting rhythm, and cue music - expositioncodetto, development, then recapitulation and coda
First Sonata, second movement - fuck this i'll do it later
First Sonata, third movement (Minuet) - ^ditto
First Sonata, fourth movement (Finale) - ^double ditto
32nd Note - discord.
64th Note - not so different.
Seventh Staff - Lietmotif.
64th Note - cold spell.
Sixth Trio - wishes.
First Rococo - i will link things from the blind date party here, remind me to make another rococo for the other party way back when
First Solo - snooping.
128th Note - several revelations.
128th Note - ...skeletons.
128th Note - EW
128th Note - fighting dice isn't fun
128th Note - bad morning.
Seventh Trio - hell yeah vandalism
Eighth Staff - Sequence

128th Note - blue is a serviceable font color.
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[OU] Ventus

first pal in tower always pal in tower!!
sayaka tries to keep her more srs bs quiet around ven since she likes bottles okay she's dumb like that
more stupidteenagers.exe

[AU] Jin Shirato

how does she even deal with her failrail right now
she doesn't know but gragh!!!

[AU] Minato Arisato

welcome to Team Sayaka Miki, bro, sorry she didn't have those shirts pre-made!!

[AU] Ken Amada

bitty trio 4lyfe

[OU] Alcor

sayaka still actively dislikes this guy, and isn't open to revising that opinion.

[OU] Kuja

he's really nice even though the first thing he knew about her was that her soul is in a rock. that's enough to both fluster her & keep kuja on her friendlies list.

[AU] Tara Maclay

sayaka met tara on the terms of her being SOMEONE IN DISTRESS and that colors her opinion of her - just one more person in the tower to be vigilant for.

[OU] Lelouch Vi Britannia

BANTER BUDDY who kinda lost it for a bit there but wow how many of her friends don't (this is an unhealthy attitude sayaka)

[OU] Dave Strider

another banter buddy (who's actually her age!) who seems to be able to weather all the tower's bullshit ages better than sayaka can dream of.

[OU] Feferi Peixes

One of Sayaka's roommates, the one she actually gets along with. A dear friend who Sayaka is comfortable being emotionally vulnerable around, which is uh pretty rare for her. Sayaka is convinced she's pretty much the best troll there is.

[OU] Dirk Strider

welcome to the anti-admin revolution orangetextbro

[AU] Riku

someone she considers a peer because of somewhat similar age range. this means he is a prime target for typical sayaka bothering!!

[AU] Terra

Gave her a metric pile of earth-shattering (heh) info to think through, in regards to her key-slinging friends' worlds. Watching her words around him, but will probably talk to him again about the whole mess.

[OU] William T. Spears

messing with this guy is freaking gold even if he's kinda scary

[OU] Gandalf

so what happens if she decides to call you granps one day what then

[OU] Cross Blanchard

thinks he's kinda derp in a really entertaining way

[OU] Eikichi Mishina

got off to a fiasco of a start meeting this guy, but she's pretty okay with him for pulling off that other fiasco of a party especially the part where she got away with signing up half the tower for dates

[OU] Kanji Tatsumi

you are a helpful bro owo

[OU] Yu Narukami

friends who smash up the tower together also cordially discuss music together.

[OU] Romeo

bitty trio 4lyfe

[OU] Kafuka Fuura

she's not making you a soul gem okay

[OU] Lina Inverse

there are no words for Lina

[OU] Luke fon Fabre

she doesn't feel like she can tease him anymore after the pods!! she'd feel bad even though he's really fun to get worked up

[OU] Taiki

sayaka's feeling on the matter can be summed up as ": ( taiki"

[OU] Yusuke Urameshi

this guy was just her karmic punishment for signing all those people up for dates, sayaka accepts this

[OU] England

can she just internally : ( over past events for a while because sometimes she just doesn't know what to say


[OU] Placeholder

lorem ipsum something something something


[AU] Mami Tomoe

sayaka has a complex attitude toward mami. she's inherently sorry she's not the 'right' sayaka, the one from mami's idyllic timeline. but it's still mami, her mentor, and sayaka wants to keep that connection

[OU] Homura Akemi

there's been some sort of strange step forward between them. sayaka's not sure what to make of it.
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and then matchy was banned from animus

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aka a repository of all the cool meme/musebox/generally-not-in-a-game threads i've had with eq

see okay i said i'd do it

and then sayaka was legitimately a member of strega
choo choo goes the phantom train
Madoka, your moe factor seems... off.
Test driving for heart break.

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cut )
- helpJin
- I need to decide what I'm going to do with the CD player. As it is... I can't even stand opening my trunk.
- Put in another request for someone to punch Jason. Why the hell not? It's not like he can do worse to me than he has already.
- talk to mami about all that stuff I keep not talking to mami about maybe
- FIND ROMEO I didn't see him at all when I went looking for everyone this is bad
- stab something don't stab anything you don't need to idiot you need the magic for other things

Day 2
hugs are nice. having friends is nice. I'm glad Roxas didn't do anything crazier while I was gone. You know, like something I would do. Don't think like a Sayaka, Roxas. You're not all weird and soulless like me.

- OP-kun's offering me a favor? fine, I'll come up with a favor.
- Figure out what Lina's planning. There's something up with her.
- eat more food it's actually edible this month

Day 3

Found out what Lina was up to. Crossed it off the list.

The transfer student is here now. For real. No crazy 'Sayaka imagining people from home' going on this time. Besides, why would I hallucinate her?

We talked. I don't really know what to say about it. She gave me a Grief Seed, and I kept it.


I have nothing else to say about today. It was a long day.

Day 4

I should use that Grief Seed soon, I guess. I was going to try and hold out until I know I can't manage any longer, but I'm afraid that I'd be too far gone to think to use it then. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 5

Not today. I'll be okay.

Day 6

Today, I did a noble thing.

Will report on the the awesome consequences soon.

Day 7

Today was Tanabata.

I wonder if I can uphold the wish I made.

After all, the wish I made last year came true.


Day 8

Minato said Jin's like a brother to him. If.. this memory thing pans out, I should probably tell him about it.


If he doesn't agree with me, I can probably say something convince him, considering what he said to me before. But I hope it doesn't come to that.

Day 9

Seriously. 'Spirit' is a really cool name.

Day 10

oh boy I sure do love creepy tower bullshit
it's my favorite thing
everyday I wake up in my standard issue spartan bed and stare up at the boring ceiling and think
"You know, I think I want to be freaked out today, I hope the tower will be kind enough to provide."

guess what today it provided

Day 11

Okay, so maybe I had getting signed up myself coming.



Day 12

[Not yet written.]


Jul. 4th, 2012 03:31 am
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-Her school uniform - (shoes, socks, skirt, blouse, ribbon) - definitely worn out looking; colors have gotten rather drab.
-Her school bag, with utterly neglected homework within. Homework was trashed so she could use the bag to carry notes.
-Her seldom-glimpsed casual clothes. Destroyed; only the jacket is left.
-A cute, pink wristwatch. Destroyed.
-A perfectly normal baseball bat. Destroyed.
-Her soul gem, as it is from her canon point: noticeably clouded. Always carried.
-Her classical music cd collection, most of which is violin-centric. Destroyed.

Items acquired while in the tower:

-2x Grief Seed (Oktavia received by Kyoko when she briefly went missing from the tower, ??? & ??? lost in the whale event) (two more unknown seeds received from Kyoko)
-Journals. Extensive sections of these were damaged beyond repair. Aka this gives me an excuse for missing so many days on writing in them! (Completely lost.)
-Extensive notes on the tower; including a timeline. Messy and badly organized. Held together by staples, tape, and post it notes; looks kind of like a loose-leaf scrapbook of insanity. (Made into a soggy mess by this event.) (Recreated.) (Lost again when she left and returned.)
-Film made alongside Cross. (Lost.)
-A small collection of markers (bright blue and black) stockpiled to use for vandalism. (Lost, she's yet to care enough to recreate it.)
-A single green marker. Been lost numerable times; Sayaka always searches out a new one.
-Ven's Mark of a Hero keychain (now incorporated into the design of her swords.)
-Kyosuke's smashed cd player (regain). (Is now repaired.) (Wrecked again by this event.) (Now permanently lost via re-app.)
-Fancy fortissimo hairpins, something she was planning on buying before.. plot. She feels they're way too ritzy to wear every day. (regain) (One was lost in this event.) (All lost via re-app.)
-A sword from Jay the Unseen. Has Ven's keychain attached. MEMENTO COMBO!
-An old woman's middle finger, with a note tied to it that reads, "ewwwwww"


1 - Her school uniform, hairpins, and jacket - clothes set.
2 - Her soul gem.
3 - Jay's sword, with Ven's keychain attached.
4 - 2x Grief seeds from Kyoko.
5 - That goddang severed finger.
6 - Her schoolbag, though it came completely empty.
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(original text: "She will dream of herself as a Puella Magi who fights only for her own gain while people around her suffer and die.")

->gist: start out with her sitting on the grass under the windmills from that one episode alone, holding her soul gem up to the light - it's completely clean. kyubey pops up all "sup you've really adopted the way of a traditional puella magi" except worded better and she's like ~shrug~. interspurse conversation with flashes of being a dick who lets people suffer.

(orginal text: "She will dream of herself as a Puella Magi who fights only for her own gain while people around her suffer and die.")

-> she's in the smashed cathedral, sitting down with a mess of apple cores at her feet - kyoko's seated beside her, talking casually of their plans for this next night of witch hunting - involving sacrificing innocents for the sake of more grief seeds. sayaka looks down at the mess of apple cores again. now, though, they're all grief seeds.

(original text: "Sayaka will have vague dreams of falling into apathy for two days.")

She doesn't remember her bedroom having this many mirrors. In the dusty surface of every single one, she can see the face of a smiling Sayaka, leering at her from the middle of some scene of carnage. They're hurt, sure - but at least they're still standing. It's infuriating that they're doing so well, when she isn't.

When she touches the glass, thinking to wipe away those unsettling smiles, she leaves behind luminescent spots of blue. Her hand moves on its own, and she finds herself tracing out words, across every mirror -

No, they're not words. They're runes.

When she's finished, every smiling face has fallen. Every facet stares back in despondency.

The reflections have stopped lying to themselves.

(original text: "Sayaka will have vague dreams of falling into apathy for two days.")

She counts up every mirror this time, and feels like it's too few. There is dull, old writing, crusted on the surface of every single one, and every figure looming there is in stillness. She meets every one of their eyes - and as she looks looks away, they disappear.

There is nothing left to say or do.

(orginal text: "She will dream of letting Kyosuke be killed by a witch so she can obtain its grief seed.")

She strides into the concert hall at a jaunty pace, getting her cape to billow just so. The seats are red velvet, and something about the color seems inherently insulting.

Why red? Sure, that's the color they've always been. But that doesn't mean she has to like it. For the short term, she resigns herself to plopping down on one of the bothersome seats, and waiting for the show to begin. The lights are still up, though, so not quite yet.

She'd driven the familiar here herself, one soon due to transform to a full-fledged Witch. It was regrettable, but she'd seen another Puella Magi snooping around and couldn't afford to lose this one - so she chased it here.

People shuffle in as a faceless mass, sending up a tasteless murmur that doesn't belong in a hall for music. Soon they settle and hush, however, and she leans forward in her seat as the evening's centerpiece shuffles onto the stage. Finally, the lights dim, save for the spotlight - and she frowns at it. It's the same red as the seats.

The red turns into something less light and more translucent, and then less translucent and more simply viscous - and she realizes as it bursts into a flood of red that the barrier has formed already. The leering gaze of a thousand faceless people have turned to stare at her with emptied eyes, and it's an awful pity to realize there won't be any grand final performance tonight.

As she takes up her sword, she consoles herself that at least she'll get a grief seed after all.

(original text: "As she sleeps she will experience fighting witch after witch until she stops being able to remember why she's fighting at all, only fighting because it's fun and ignoring the pain she is causing those around her."

The sun hung low in the sky as she headed out,

(original text: "As she sleeps she will experience fighting witch after witch until she stops being able to remember why she's fighting at all, only fighting because it's fun and ignoring the pain she is causing those around her.")
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: Desire to kill.                      ❤: Desire to harm.: Dislike.
: WE SHOULD HANG OUT         ❤: Curiosity.         ❤: Feelings muddled/not yet passed judgment.
:Would rescue/fight by side of. : Guilt.       ❤: Would hug or hold hand of.
: Fear.                               ❤: Familial love.    ❤: Romantic love.







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7 times - Venau, Yu, Jin, Lina x2, England, Keyku

Sayaka's going to stop watching the event on day 4.

DAY 1:
VenAU - Medium punishment, healing balm.
England - Medium punishment, advance warning that someone's incoming.

DAY 2:
Keyku - Low, bandages.

DAY 3:
Yu - Low: Bottle of water, since he'll be trying to get water then and likely B|ing at it being salt
Lina - High & Medium - Powers and food so that powers will actually work! For the food, she's getting a failed attempt at a cute bento.
Jin - High - save jin!!!1
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