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Name:Sayaka Miki
Birthdate:Sep 20
Location:Mitakihara, Japan

be·night·ed  [bih-nahy-tid]
1. intellectually or morally ignorant; unenlightened: benighted ages of barbarism and superstition.
2. overtaken by darkness or night.

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a certain violinist, am rock, am zombie, ave maria, being a brat, being meguca is suffering, berserker rages, bottling up feelings, classical, codes of honor, cool capes, crusading for justice, cutlasses, cutting lasses, debussy, faustian deals, hitomi, homura, idk my bff madoka, kyoko, kyosuke, live concerts, madoka, mami, melee, not mermaids, not that transfer student, punching jason, rachmaninoff, rachmaninov, regen, sabers, soul bling, soul gems suck, spreading hope, stabbing bitches, stabbing witches, the worst canon point, trawling the network, trolling the network, unlimited blade works, violinists, violins
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