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Player Information

Name: Matchre.
Personal Journal: [personal profile] scorpiontails 
Age: 18. 20.
Contact Info: Matchre on Plurk.
Other Characters Played: None.

Character Information

Character Name: Sayaka Miki
Character Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character Age: 14 at most. Confirmed 15-something, since she had a birthday while in the tower previously.
Character Gender: Female.
Original Canon
Canon Point: Shortly into Episode 8, after running away from Madoka in tears while her soul gem begins to dim.
Background Link: List of episodes with summaries for each.
Sayaka is kind, courageous, and dedicated, which is all exactly her downfall. Her overwhelming sense of justice often manifests to extreme detriment to herself. Courage becomes foolhardiness, dedication bears no fruit, and kindness simply makes her prone to being naive. Sayaka is an all-or-nothing sort of person with an inability to see things in shades of gray, and she doesn't really know the meaning to 'quit while you're ahead.'

Let's reel back a bit. Sayaka was an energetic and righteous young girl, with a rather tomboyish nature and continually poor performance in school. Friendly teasing came nearly as easily to her as breathing, and out of her friend trio of her, Madoka, and Hitomi, she was the over the top goofball to Hitomi's studious, hard working nature and Madoka's shy lack of confidence. She's the kind of girl you'd never expect to enjoy stereotypical 'fine' things in life. When presented with the opportunity to make a miracle come true, she initially reacted theorizing about all the extravagant, greedy things someone could wish for - before drawing in on herself in gloomy contemplation. When she made her wish, it wasn't for herself - but to restore the hand of the boy she loved, who used to be an accomplished violin player before getting caught in a horrible accident.

Magica presents multiple timelines where events occur differently - but in every single one where Sayaka makes her wish and becomes a Puella Magi, she falls into despair, and her soul gem corrupts into a witch. This is a direct result of her uncompromising ideals, in both love and war. Upon finding out her soul has been removed, she declares herself unworthy of Kyosuke - she's just a dead body walking around like it's alive, she wouldn't even be able to really feel it even she hugs him, right? And in fighting witches, she damns those who wouldn't work to save as many people as they could, despite the mechanics of Puella Magi being distinctly against destroying every enemy.

Eventually, this leads her to despairingly taking on the philosophy another Puella Magi, Kyoko, had relayed to her - that in this world, all suffering and happiness balances out equally, and for that every person she saves, her own life would decay. But for this Sayaka, that hasn't happened yet. She's still on a determined, self-destructive path of discarding her own wants for the sake of others.

Abilities: Sayaka is a Puella Magi, a young girl granted a wish and imbued with the ability to use magic at the cost of having her soul removed and placed into a fragile gem that will corrupt as she uses magic, or feels sorrow. Of the Puella Magi shown in the show, Sayaka is the weakest in terms of talent or skill - surviving mostly on the merit of her exceptional healing rate. You see, the form that a Puella Magi's powers take is set by their wish - and as Sayaka's wish was to heal her crush's crippled hand, she has regenerative powers. Beyond this, a Puella Magi's magic is vaguely defined and can do many things, from fixing eyesight to keeping a corpse from deteriorating - though Sayaka isn't inclined to use it for anything other than fighting, seeing it as wrongful use of power she should be using only to protect people from witches.

Puella Magi all have signature weapons (Sayaka's is a cutlass) and often are able to summon many instances of them. Because of their soul being disconnected from their body, they also have an increased pain tolerance - damage inflicted to the soul gem is debilitating, but damage to their body is muffled and is more so if the soul gem is at a distance. But if the soul gem gets too far away (over about 100 meters), the Puella Magi's body will fall down dead until it's returned within range to them.

To use her powers, Sayaka first has to transform by invoking her soul gem. This transformation sequence is never shown the same way twice for anyone in the show, but can look something like this.

Sample Entry: Musebox thread with the canon point I'm using.


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