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Hi journal thing - day 1

I tried doing this in like third grade after getting one for my birthday but I never kept up with it. Well, Ven told me it'd be a good idea to try again so that  I keep track of time better. Apparently I've been here for more months than I thought and

Basically I agreed with him. So uh. Journal thing?? wow what do I even write in this

let's see, okay, about my day

skipped breakfast again, just didn't feel hungry

then I found out a troll lady stole my baseball bat. It sounds so silly like that but I got really mad and I started thinking about Mami and how she would be such a better person to be here than I am and

that sucked

HI Journal thing - day 2 aka I REMEMBERED

well I did I mean look I'm on the road to good time keeping already.

I've been thinking about that picture I saw in the art gallery. The mermaid. That old man said I should come back to look at it again some time, but I  really don't want to. I don't care if I'm connected to it or whatever.

Hi journal thing - day 3

I still remember this. Not like there's really a busy schedule I have to keep that would make me forget about it. I don't hunt witches anymore, after all.

I do hunt the monsters sometimes... but it's just kind of stupid. They can hurt people, but most of the people here are most smart enough to avoid them.

Should I just follow the people who aren't? But how do I figure out who's too dumb..


The cloud in my soul gem is only a little darker than when I first came here. I haven't used that much magic. I don' t need to. There aren't any witches.

So I'm pretty useless.

hello to the piece of paper day 5

you are a piece of paper

yes you are

day 6 or "I need a new pen"

I really really do
this is one of those cruddy ones that mess up in two seconds ANYWAY
and it's nearly out of ink

maybe there's one tucked away in my trunk

also I decided after much thought to make a guide to computering for the network it will be amazing

day 7

kyoko is here

I don't know how I feel

I mean I don't hate her or anything but

I wish it was Madoka instead
It's really selfish of me. I bet she's fine back home right now. The letters are lying. I know that. So she doesn't need to be here to be safe. That transfer student's obsessed with her, so even if a witch goes after her she'd be fine

day 8

I haven't seen Kyoko again
a girl named xion was kidnapped and I went looking for who did it
Lina tagged along and she threw some magic and stuff but she got targeted in the fight
I shouldn't have let her follow me. Even if she's a jerk, if she gets hurt, she's hurt. It's not like with me,
where it doesn't matter.
(by the way, we found the guy, but he got away)

day 9

tried to find him again
nothing doing
tried to find kyoko
more nothing

day 10

I wonder if she was even ever here. No one's heard her name or seen her around. It was just me.
Did I... just dream it up? But why Kyoko, of all people? The only person more unlikely would be the transfer student.

day 25

It's not like I'm a homebody, but I was teasing a guy today who was mad over oatmeal, right? And I told him that he could make it into shapes... after saying that, I really want to make one of those super cutesy bento. Mom tried to teach me how a few times, but I always ignored her... I mean, I acted like I was listening, but I barely remember a thing about how to do it. I always figured I could just ask her for help if I did ever try making one.

 I can't really do that now, huh...

(days 11-27 are only labelled with the day number)

27, 28, 29--

day 29

I shouldn't have gone.
why would I even want to look at that stupid painting again? I don't know what the hell I was even thinking. Dumb thoughts. I didn't even find the mermaid.
that floor's taunting me, every time I'm in there. I bet if I go back the poster will be there and it'll be absolutely untouched.
Just right there. showing off something I'll never see or hear again.
I can't stand it. I can't stand it I can't stand it

day 30

day 31

day 32 is the start of may note to self

she's up to day 56


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