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[OU] Roxas

There's a saying: "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
It applies well to the more serious aspects of their friendship, in between stupidteenagers.exe

[OU] Ventus

first pal in tower always pal in tower!!
sayaka tries to keep her more srs bs quiet around ven since she likes bottles okay she's dumb like that
more stupidteenagers.exe

[AU] Jin Shirato

how does she even deal with her failrail right now
she doesn't know but gragh!!!

[AU] Minato Arisato

welcome to Team Sayaka Miki, bro, sorry she didn't have those shirts pre-made!!

[AU] Ken Amada

bitty trio 4lyfe

[OU] Alcor

sayaka still actively dislikes this guy, and isn't open to revising that opinion.

[OU] Kuja

he's really nice even though the first thing he knew about her was that her soul is in a rock. that's enough to both fluster her & keep kuja on her friendlies list.

[AU] Tara Maclay

sayaka met tara on the terms of her being SOMEONE IN DISTRESS and that colors her opinion of her - just one more person in the tower to be vigilant for.

[OU] Lelouch Vi Britannia

BANTER BUDDY who kinda lost it for a bit there but wow how many of her friends don't (this is an unhealthy attitude sayaka)

[OU] Dave Strider

another banter buddy (who's actually her age!) who seems to be able to weather all the tower's bullshit ages better than sayaka can dream of.

[OU] Feferi Peixes

One of Sayaka's roommates, the one she actually gets along with. A dear friend who Sayaka is comfortable being emotionally vulnerable around, which is uh pretty rare for her. Sayaka is convinced she's pretty much the best troll there is.

[OU] Dirk Strider

welcome to the anti-admin revolution orangetextbro

[AU] Riku

someone she considers a peer because of somewhat similar age range. this means he is a prime target for typical sayaka bothering!!

[AU] Terra

Gave her a metric pile of earth-shattering (heh) info to think through, in regards to her key-slinging friends' worlds. Watching her words around him, but will probably talk to him again about the whole mess.

[OU] William T. Spears

messing with this guy is freaking gold even if he's kinda scary

[OU] Gandalf

so what happens if she decides to call you granps one day what then

[OU] Cross Blanchard

thinks he's kinda derp in a really entertaining way

[OU] Eikichi Mishina

got off to a fiasco of a start meeting this guy, but she's pretty okay with him for pulling off that other fiasco of a party especially the part where she got away with signing up half the tower for dates

[OU] Kanji Tatsumi

you are a helpful bro owo

[OU] Yu Narukami

friends who smash up the tower together also cordially discuss music together.

[OU] Romeo

bitty trio 4lyfe

[OU] Kafuka Fuura

she's not making you a soul gem okay

[OU] Lina Inverse

there are no words for Lina

[OU] Luke fon Fabre

she doesn't feel like she can tease him anymore after the pods!! she'd feel bad even though he's really fun to get worked up

[OU] Taiki

sayaka's feeling on the matter can be summed up as ": ( taiki"

[OU] Yusuke Urameshi

this guy was just her karmic punishment for signing all those people up for dates, sayaka accepts this

[OU] England

can she just internally : ( over past events for a while because sometimes she just doesn't know what to say


[OU] Placeholder

lorem ipsum something something something


[AU] Mami Tomoe

sayaka has a complex attitude toward mami. she's inherently sorry she's not the 'right' sayaka, the one from mami's idyllic timeline. but it's still mami, her mentor, and sayaka wants to keep that connection

[OU] Homura Akemi

there's been some sort of strange step forward between them. sayaka's not sure what to make of it.


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