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[9:20:21 PM] Gaa "Links Horrible Things" Kishi: i am a shadow, the true fandom
[9:20:30 PM] Gaa "Links Horrible Things" Kishi: all i care about is hot sexy lesbians and drawing cleavage
[9:20:34 PM] Zazozaliad: noooo
[9:20:38 PM] Zazozaliad: you're not my fandoooom
[9:20:45 PM] Gaa "Links Horrible Things" Kishi: BOSSFIGHT TIME

Moose Data

Apr. 9th, 2012 03:47 pm
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Animus Data

Name: Sayaka Miki
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Room number: 1-05.
Room mates: Feferi Peixes, Eriko Kirishima, Lina Inverse.
Collar collar: Violet.
Trunk listing: Link.
Item Regains: Kyosuke's smashed cd player.
Breakdowns: ELL OH ELL....
Deaths: One.
Events: Was simply a spectator to Hittori Kakurenbo, collar color went to orange for the Collar swap. Sponsored a decent amount of people during the Battle Royale. Was the catalyst of the Witch Kiss plot. Was in Jason's pod during the Infighting event.
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march )

april )

27, 28, 29--

day 29

I shouldn't have gone.
why would I even want to look at that stupid painting again? I don't know what the hell I was even thinking. Dumb thoughts. I didn't even find the mermaid.
that floor's taunting me, every time I'm in there. I bet if I go back the poster will be there and it'll be absolutely untouched.
Just right there. showing off something I'll never see or hear again.
I can't stand it. I can't stand it I can't stand it

day 30

day 31

day 32 is the start of may note to self

she's up to day 56

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made from a single website's sampling of the truly monstrous amount of Sayaka-As-A-Really-Sad-Mermaid fanart out there, this is a Sayaka roleplayer's one stop freakin' shop for visual inspiration.

Gaze upon this abomination.


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'sup bitches, so, okay

puella magi can sense magical individuals but it's not an exact sense

they can also track them by a 'magic signature' if it's not been too long (a day or so) since the magical person has been somewhere

HOWEVER it is not direct at all, more pointing to a general area and saying "Yeah! Maybe!"

in the show it's shown sort of like playing hot and cold, wave your soul gem in a direction and it says "there's magic!"

and since the tower is full of lots of magic users like woah sayaka will probably be desensitized (to her chagrin) and only really notice the more powerful dudes without super trying to pick someone out

plus she's low tier puella magi in the first place so no crazy "close your eyes and navigate by the feeling of their magic alone" things


Does your character have magic?
Do you think it would be strong enough for Sayaka to pick up on?
Would anything obscure your character's magic from her?
Would you rather her not sense it entirely?

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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Sayaka Miki
Journal: [personal profile] beknightedheroine 
RPG: Tower of Animus

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

dum de dum

Jan. 25th, 2012 09:35 am
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Familiarity guide: What Sayaka calls who, and how I'll decipher that into English.

She usually adresses people by their first name, and uses a casual-but-still-polite 'you'

She only calls Homura "transfer student," which basically shows ~yeah i don't like you or wanna be that familiar with you~
Mami gets a -san honoriffic because MENTOR
Everyone else ever gets no honoriffic, just their first name.

2ND PART (into english) COMES LATER

CR Chart

Apr. 3rd, 2010 08:44 am
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this icon is adorable
John Egbert - [personal profile] windykind
"Maybe you can trick your mind into fixing itself? Somehow?"
One of the first two people Sayaka met in the tower. She doesn't know him very well, and she's pretty sure that she's done nothing but confuse him - but he seems helpful and nice enough.
 In character comments—
"The bell thing didn't work. Thanks anyway, though."

your eyes are ridiculously blue ven
Ventus - [personal profile] forceless
"Exactly! Just because they don't look impressive doesn't mean they can't be good in their own right. And maybe a brownie might look delicious, but it's too rich and makes you sick!"
One of the first two people Sayaka met in the tower. They fought monsters together and later philosophized about baked goods. He is safely filed as a 'pal.'
 In character comments—
"So we talked about cookies. But what's your opinion on the whole cake issue...?"

the most significant CR!!!
Izanami - [personal profile] thousandcurses 
"Perhaps I shouldn't wander so close to the walls."
Sayaka ran into her in the halls once.
  In character comments—
"She was kind of creepy... eh? What are you talking about, there's no way I met a goddess!"

your hair is pretty
The Handmaid - [personal profile] entropied 
"...What were you aiming at?"
In a poor first attempt at figuring out What's The Deal With Trolls, Sayaka utterly failed at skipping rocks and making small talk with her.
  In character comments—

lookit this coolkid
Dave Strider - [personal profile] knightime 
""Well. I guess I would have flipped my shit, but I'm kind of used to ridiculous bullshit already. This definitely goes under ridiculous bullshit."
Yet another case of "oh hey we talked once and I would recognize you if I saw you!"
  In character comments—
"I tried taking off my collar anyway. It didn't work. But that's to be expected, I guess."

in sayaka's mind this is the only expression she ever has
Lina Inverse - [personal profile] dragonspooker 
"No, this is the part where I bombard you with fireballs next time I see you.."
Best roommate ever. Really. Truly.
  In character comments—
"How have you not busted your vocal chords yet? Really, I'm curious!"


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