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  Welcome to being Sayaka Miki! You seem to have met the requisite SUFFERING requirement to be a Puella Magi already, so it looks like you're all clear to go.

As a Sayaka, you will be treated to the following:
A magical connection with a pretty gem, that slowly gets a little darker every day!
A strange feeling of ethereal 'power,' tied to that gem - if you pull on it, you can access magic, and do amazing things! Pretty much anything that you want! But if you use it, that gem gets darker... if it goes all the way black, something strange might happen. It seems like the blacker it gets, the more tired you are...
A special other form for when you use magic! How cool!
Auto-healing! Stubbed your toe? Good as new! Spear to the stomach? Also healed!
Speaking of spears to the stomach, nothing really seems to hurt as much as it should now...
Food seems a little duller, too.
A trunk full of all this stuff!
Poorly hidden notes! (link to these is a WIP - since is the smaller first part, and the ridiculously large indepth notes are forthcoming! The notes preceding by "-" are in a different handwriting from Sayaka's, and as Kidou's memories blend into hers, he might recall that it was Jin who helped write them. The links are all actual urls written down from the network.)

Eventually, as things become more muddled, you will also get.... MEMORIES and PERSONALITY alterations!

You'll find you have a strange draw to classical - and, specifically, violin music...
You feel like something special was coming up soon... As the bleed-over gets worse, you'll realize it's your Sayaka's birthday on the 20th!
There is this boy, named Kyousuke... there's a deep need to protect him, but things don't feel as clear cut as that. Some kind of feeling of heartache, whenever the thought of him comes up... and a confusion over what to even say to him, after something Big went awry.
You feel like there are Injustices in the world that need to be righted - but the aspects of these injustices are blurred and swayed heavily by emotion. Things aren't in grays in your mind now - it's either black or white, something is always either good at heart or bad to the core. And you tend to assume there is Badness in your own motivations, more often than not - when you can feel like you're not doing something for your own gain at all, then you don't feel guilty.

Where before you may have disliked Jason, now that feeling has upgraded to Loathing. Pure, unadulterated loathing. In your chess-match view of the world, he is the King that you, the white Knight, desperately want to put into check. Permanently.

Jin is a really cool guy and you would literally punch a star for him. Minato is also cool, but you would maybe just punch a moon on his behalf. There's a big difference okay. Ven and Roxas are your awesome vandal friends, and there is a huge visceral dislike for Lina freakin' Inverse. Your other two roommates are fine, tho.

You will also potentially get vivid flashbacks of a bunch of fights from canon because youtube is easy to link those are all quite vivid memories for Sayaka herself!  I would recommend being set off by stimuli similar to the situation, like. "Oh look a rose- GETRUD FIGHT," or "Oh look a cake - CHARLOTTE I REMEMBER YOU"

In chronological order, here they are - whether or not to all be recalled is  at the player's leisure: 
Mami versus Getrud, to which Sayaka was just a spectator normie. Overarching feeling is "WOW AWESOME~!"
Mami versus Charlotte! Spectating again. Throughout this memory there is a growing dread - until Bad Things come to... a head.
There is no handy-dandy video of the HN Elly fight to link, so suffice to say she fought a TV once to save her bff Madoka from certain death.
And then Sayaka fought this chick and got her ass kicked, but there's a surprising lack of retrospective animosity there.
Sayaka versus Elsa Maria - Sayaka's attitude towards this memory is complex. She regrets sinking into a state like that back home, but can sharply understand why she felt like that and agrees with what her past self was saying.

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Other than the ones I covered already--! Oh god my information organization is horrible let me just quote what I already said for some dudes:

"Jin is a really cool guy and you would literally punch a star for him. Minato is also cool, but you would maybe just punch a moon on his behalf. There's a big difference okay. Ven and Roxas are your awesome vandal friends, and there is a huge visceral dislike for Lina freakin' Inverse. Your other roommates is fine, tho - Feferi is a sweetie."

Anyway other people!
Romeo commands a ton of respect from Sayaka, due to all that he's been through and how he's still able to be this sunny kid who runs a bitty club where he gives everyone bowls of ice cream, and stuff like that. He's a good person and been able to stay a good person, in a place like this...!

Ken is that serious younger friend that Sayaka wants to get to come out of his serious shell more (and has succeeded with some!!)

and i will add more if the thought comes to me!!


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-> That strange, half-lucid first month or so she spent in the tower. Sayaka remembers being very aimless, very frustrated, and very easily upset by everything back then. Back then, she often dispatched monsters of the tower until she felt too tired to properly hold a sword - which retrospectively, didn't take that long. Until she realized it didn't really do anything and became even more aimless.

There's also a vivid memory of Taiki trapped in a cupboard, drowning in blood. It is upsetting.

->The collar swap event, wherein she met Jin!

->It's not tied to a specific time or place, but this mermaid is another clear image in her mind.. how weird.

->Meeting Roxas! aka fuck yeah skateboarding on books, aka holy shit a positive memory

->Tearing up a poster in the art gallery.

->The events of the labyrinth are clearly from that time, but not actually remembered as things that happened - more like overwhelmingly horrible feelings - what Sayaka does clearly remember are the dreams she had.

->The first two threads on this post, up until she drops her soul gem and it breaks. She doesn't remember anything else that happened that day, because she died right about then.

->SAD TRIO TIMES aka ven and sayaka and roxas have a hugpile

Linking to all of infighting would take forever to read and to do so here's a summary:

Sayaka checks up on freakin' everyone by shouting into the walls, makes a bet with Jin to punch Jason, and then things start going wrong. Sayaka's altered herself, Jin is slowly turned into a logically minded robot. Mami.. Mami gets hurt at all, and Sayaka talks things over with a mysterious boy who she figures isn't really there - and wonders that... if someone were to die here, would they wake up back in the normal tower...?

During the week they were required to run treadmills, Sayaka snaps - and wrecks hers. As a punishment, she's hung by violin strings in her cell - she kind of, just took a mental vacation when that happened. She was cut down from the strings at the end of week two, and then, for week three...



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From: [personal profile] jasonsaloser the end of week two, Sayaka killed Mami while the admins were letting the groups mingle. Ruana turned her inside out as a punishment.

Then in week three... Jason strung everyone together by tendrils, with Sayaka at the center. It sucked, but mofo got hurt and disqualified!!

Week four Sayaka spent mentally celebrating and being annoyed at being turned into a walking music box.


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