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A Repeating Dream:

Sayaka will be stuck in an eternal fight with Oktavia von Seckendorff, the Witch that forms when her soul gem takes in too much darkness. Since this is Xehanort's Super Cool Information Gathering Bonanza, I'll try to make notes of highlights -

* In the dream, Sayaka's fully darkened heart can be sensed within Oktavia - since soul gems are essentially heart and mind in one cute little package, which is something I can confidently say now that I know more things about Kingdom Hearts!1!

* Sayaka will draw on seemingly limitless amounts of magical power to summon blades to fight with, heal herself, and a few other cool desperation tactics. However, since using magic in the first place leads to Oktavia's creation and because this is a dream that is largely to represent the inevitability of her fall to darkness, Sayaka simply feeds Oktavia more power the more she fights. She is incapable of winning the battle.

* People crossing into the dream will arrive in one of the hundreds of bright red stadium seats that line the walls of the stage of Sayaka's battle. The seats closest to them will appear to be normal, but as they get farther away the rows will bend together into something flat and two dimensional. Leaving the seat will result in it flattening into the background with the rest, as soon as you look away from it.

* Sayaka will implore anyone who shows up to leave immediately, both at personal horror of anyone seeing the witch and for the danger they would be in as a bystander.

* There will be a ghostly orchestra present, eternally playing this song. They do not act otherwise, but if someone were to attack them, the Witch will be driven into a berserk rage and would solely target the aggressor rather than Sayaka, to her chagrin.

* Only with help can Oktavia be defeated, and if she is, a Grief Seed will be left behind. The Labyrinth will persist, however. Sayaka will retrieve this Grief Seed and vainly attempt to use it to transform from her magical girl form back to normal, as she would use her soul gem to do. Angrily, she'll toss it aside, and this instance of the dream will shortly after end if the visitor doesn't interfere. Whenever the dream ends this way, there will be a brief interlude of another dream before the battle starts again.

Prevailing themes of this dream - futility, desperation, willpower. The desire to protect others in spite of oneself. An unbeatable monster. A stalemate.

A Repeating Dream, Side B:

Should Sayaka admit that it is impossible for her to overcome Oktavia and give up the fight, the dream will end - but shortly after, Sayaka will find herself within the Labyrinth once again.

Instead of being herself, her viewpoint will be as the Witch. She will not act otherwise to a Witch's nature - she will be under the thrall of her own despair, fully in the role the dream has now imposed upon her. Anyone who comes to the dream now will be subject to attack. When alone, she will simply continue to eternally conduct the orchestra. The only way for Sayaka to leave this dream is for someone to interfere, or for to go into the 'limbo' described in the original plot post, where the character isn't actually dreaming for a while. When she leaves the inactive state, Sayaka will see an interlude and then be back to the normal futility of fighting Oktavia.

Prevailing themes - music, repetition, eternity.

Potential Interludes

A Happy Dream:

A grassy field by a lake, with windmills visible some distance away. It's at a park in a city with many artistically distinct-looking buildings. It is empty, but there is a pervading sense of contentment and excitement for things to come. Sayaka is content to simply rest upon the grass for the duration of this dream. Her soul gem will still be missing since this is a dream so I can do things like that.

Prevailing themes - happiness, calm, potential for the future.

A Significant Dream:

This dream follows an event Sayaka went through in life, and she is unable to effect its course.

Sayaka is sitting by the bedside of a hospital patient, a boy about her age with a crippled hand. He is laying down and has a distant expression, and is listening to a CD player via a pair of earbuds. She attempts to initiate conversation with him, commenting favorably on his choice of song and thanking him for making her a fan of classical music. He interrupts her, and asks, "Why are you torturing me?" and removes the earbuds.

Things take a turn for the worse from there. This boy, Kyousuke, apparently used to be a musician - but with his hand out of commission, that's a thing of the past. In anguish, he smashes the CD player with his damaged hand, injuring himself and prompting Sayaka to come to a decision. She insists there's got to be some sort of way to help him. Kyousuke insists there isn't - it would take a miracle.

"Miracles and magic do exist!"

As soon as Sayaka says that, a small creature, Kyubey, appears in the windowsill from thin air.

It's notable that at this point, Sayaka's heart and soul are still that of a normal human being.

Sayaka flees to the garden on the roof of the hospital, where Kyubey meets her - she asks if he can really grant wishes, and he says not to worry. Her wish is easy to grant, as long as she's ready. She gives the affirmative, at which point the garden takes on an unearthly aura, as obvious magic is at work.

The creature reaches toward her chest, where a blue light begins to form. To someone who can sense these sort of things, it's very apparent that he's removing her heart from her body. Sayaka is in obvious pain from the process. The light rises away from her, taking on a egg-like shape, and Kyubey tells her to accept this, her destiny. Sayaka reaches up to take it - by now, it's properly become her soul gem.

The memory ends there.

Prevailing themes - a wish granted, determination, a choice you can't take back, making a sacrifice for someone you care about.

A Significant Dream, Side B:

This dream follows an event Sayaka went through in life, and she is unable to effect its course.

Thanks to video clips, I don't even have to describe this one! Here is what happens in this dream.

Prevailing themes - the loss of one's humanity, victory over a foe, blatant disregard for one's own wellbeing. A beginning slip into darkness.

Shared Dreams:

With Xion. At a point when Sayaka is on the verge of A Repeating Dream, Side B, her feelings of utter futility and inevitability will cross over with Xion's own, and take her from the battlefield with Oktavia into Xion's dreamscape. Xion's dream will rule events for a while, and a very despondent Sayaka will be part of this - towards the end, though, Oktavia will appear in the manner of a typical Kingdom Hearts monster boss fight. Depending on how her mindset has been effected by sharing Xion's dream, Sayaka will either take up her sword against the Witch once again or lapse into deeper depression at the appearance of the monster, taking it as further evidence that she can never succeed in escaping its existence.

With either outcome, the link between their dream will then sever.

With Lelouch. She's going to visit one of his memories and talk with him about the contents whoop whoop - it'll be this one, and it will basically be most terrible bantering dear god

With Momotaros. He'll hijack A Significant Dream, but only near the end - instead of Kyuubey waiting for her on the roof, it'll be Momotaros.

With Ryoji. Dream still in plotting stage, will be based off of the themes in A Repeating Dream.

With Cross. She'll hijack into his Ideal Dream. They'll hang out.

With Ken. Dream still in plotting stage, will be based off of ~happy things~!! --More plotting for this: she'll be in the orphanage with Ken when he's dreaming of adopting a kid.

With Yu. A mix of A Significant Dream and some of Yu's memories of Nanako in the hospital, it begins with them riding the elevator together to go and visit the people they respectively care for.

With Terra. Merged his sixth dream ("The Path to Hell") with A Significant Dream.

Dream-dropped by Alcor, into A Repeating Dream. Alcor will stay within the stands and watch the battle.

Dream-dropped by Ven, twice.

First time it'll be to A Significant Dream, Side B. Ven will be massively unsettled by the entire scene, and not really act much at all, then get kicked out at its swift conclusion.

Second time will be to A Happy Dream. This is still in the plotting stage.


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