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-Her school uniform - (shoes, socks, skirt, blouse, ribbon) - definitely worn out looking; colors have gotten rather drab.
-Her school bag, with utterly neglected homework within. Homework was trashed so she could use the bag to carry notes.
-Her seldom-glimpsed casual clothes. Destroyed; only the jacket is left.
-A cute, pink wristwatch. Destroyed.
-A perfectly normal baseball bat. Destroyed.
-Her soul gem, as it is from her canon point: noticeably clouded. Always carried.
-Her classical music cd collection, most of which is violin-centric. Destroyed.

Items acquired while in the tower:

-2x Grief Seed (Oktavia received by Kyoko when she briefly went missing from the tower, ??? & ??? lost in the whale event) (two more unknown seeds received from Kyoko)
-Journals. Extensive sections of these were damaged beyond repair. Aka this gives me an excuse for missing so many days on writing in them! (Completely lost.)
-Extensive notes on the tower; including a timeline. Messy and badly organized. Held together by staples, tape, and post it notes; looks kind of like a loose-leaf scrapbook of insanity. (Made into a soggy mess by this event.) (Recreated.) (Lost again when she left and returned.)
-Film made alongside Cross. (Lost.)
-A small collection of markers (bright blue and black) stockpiled to use for vandalism. (Lost, she's yet to care enough to recreate it.)
-A single green marker. Been lost numerable times; Sayaka always searches out a new one.
-Ven's Mark of a Hero keychain (now incorporated into the design of her swords.)
-Kyosuke's smashed cd player (regain). (Is now repaired.) (Wrecked again by this event.) (Now permanently lost via re-app.)
-Fancy fortissimo hairpins, something she was planning on buying before.. plot. She feels they're way too ritzy to wear every day. (regain) (One was lost in this event.) (All lost via re-app.)
-A sword from Jay the Unseen. Has Ven's keychain attached. MEMENTO COMBO!
-An old woman's middle finger, with a note tied to it that reads, "ewwwwww"


1 - Her school uniform, hairpins, and jacket - clothes set.
2 - Her soul gem.
3 - Jay's sword, with Ven's keychain attached.
4 - 2x Grief seeds from Kyoko.
5 - That goddang severed finger.
6 - Her schoolbag, though it came completely empty.
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