Oct. 22nd, 2012

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It's so

Someone keeps trying to ask for he l p but it's every syllable at the same time from too many different places to make any semblance of sense. It's an utter cacophony. She hates the noise, even as it makes her want to reach out and try something, anything to help -  to shut them up.

It would be nice to be deaf, but they aren't talking into her ears.

Is there a way to make yourself deaf in the head?

Eventually, she found out.

(location: floor 20, early evening on the 17th)

"One, two, three, four. I think there's one less for each I took."

Sayaka sits astride the edge of the precarious, winding walkway that replaces the staircase here.  In the lap of her black dress are as many candies as she just counted aloud. There's a bubbling sense of self-satisfaction settling into her, and it's not from taking in the fresh air.

Soon she'll find some peace again. Taking a couple candies wasn't really going to do anything permanent. It's easy to find a candy, lose a candy. It's just a tiny little loss for tiny little gain for her. No, no, no! The real path to silence is going to be a little more... forceful. A lot more exciting. Heh, it'll probably even be noisy!

(location: behind you, date unknown)

It's a pretty simple plan, to start out with:

"Uh, hi there! There'snotenoughtimetoexplain, so - Don't think, just run! C'mon, this way!"

Approaching someone like that is pretty likely to be taken at face value, as dangerous as things are around the tower. Sayaka's plan is to play misdirection: surprise someone into thinking there's something after the two of them, and lead them into the trap.

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