Jul. 6th, 2012

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- helpJin
- I need to decide what I'm going to do with the CD player. As it is... I can't even stand opening my trunk.
- Put in another request for someone to punch Jason. Why the hell not? It's not like he can do worse to me than he has already.
- talk to mami about all that stuff I keep not talking to mami about maybe
- FIND ROMEO I didn't see him at all when I went looking for everyone this is bad
- stab something don't stab anything you don't need to idiot you need the magic for other things

Day 2
hugs are nice. having friends is nice. I'm glad Roxas didn't do anything crazier while I was gone. You know, like something I would do. Don't think like a Sayaka, Roxas. You're not all weird and soulless like me.

- OP-kun's offering me a favor? fine, I'll come up with a favor.
- Figure out what Lina's planning. There's something up with her.
- eat more food it's actually edible this month

Day 3

Found out what Lina was up to. Crossed it off the list.

The transfer student is here now. For real. No crazy 'Sayaka imagining people from home' going on this time. Besides, why would I hallucinate her?

We talked. I don't really know what to say about it. She gave me a Grief Seed, and I kept it.


I have nothing else to say about today. It was a long day.

Day 4

I should use that Grief Seed soon, I guess. I was going to try and hold out until I know I can't manage any longer, but I'm afraid that I'd be too far gone to think to use it then. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 5

Not today. I'll be okay.

Day 6

Today, I did a noble thing.

Will report on the the awesome consequences soon.

Day 7

Today was Tanabata.

I wonder if I can uphold the wish I made.

After all, the wish I made last year came true.


Day 8

Minato said Jin's like a brother to him. If.. this memory thing pans out, I should probably tell him about it.


If he doesn't agree with me, I can probably say something convince him, considering what he said to me before. But I hope it doesn't come to that.

Day 9

Seriously. 'Spirit' is a really cool name.

Day 10

oh boy I sure do love creepy tower bullshit
it's my favorite thing
everyday I wake up in my standard issue spartan bed and stare up at the boring ceiling and think
"You know, I think I want to be freaked out today, I hope the tower will be kind enough to provide."

guess what today it provided

Day 11

Okay, so maybe I had getting signed up myself coming.



Day 12

[Not yet written.]


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